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ZZ Top to Beard the Bejeezus out of Boise

Tuesday, Aug. 21, at the Eagle River Pavilion


Legend has it Houston, Texas, rockers ZZ Top copped its name from combining "Zig Zag" and "Top" brand rolling papers. However, ask dueling guitarists Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill, or their beardless drummer Frank Beard, and they'll tell you it came from the band's roots: the blues.

A poster for Texas blues legend ZZ Hill pasted on the wall of a dive bar was the real inspiration. Originally favoring "ZZ King" to pay homage to B.B. King, the trio settled on "Top" since King is "the tops."

The trio has been distilling its brand of Southern rock and blues since 1969, selling more than 50 million albums. Although their beards are whiter now, ZZ Top's members still drop guitar riffs and innuendos aplenty on tracks like "Tush" and "Pearl Necklace." These sharp-dressed men will bring all that and more to Eagle River Pavilion Tuesday, Aug. 21.

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