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Zoo Boise Mourns Passing of Popular Amur Leopard

"Everyone at the zoo is very saddened by her passing."


Staff at Zoo Boise are mourning the death of Nadia, an Amur leopard, which was euthanized early Monday, March 17. Zoo officials said the leopard's health had quickly declined in the last few days after she had not responded to treatment. In 2012, Nadia was diagnosed with chronic renal failure.

Nadia came to Zoo Boise in 1998 and lived to be nearly 19 years old. Amur leopards traditionally live to be 10 to 15 years old in the wild.

"Everyone at the zoo is very saddened by her passing," said Steve Burns, Zoo Boise's director. "The Amur leopard has been one of the most popular animals at Zoo Boise."

Zoo officials said they would assess the zoo's current animal collection before making any decisions about the possibility of obtaining another leopard.