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Zoo Boise Easter EGGstravaganza

Saturday, March 28


There's the classic backyard Easter egg hunt, in which kids roam around the backyard looking for little plastic eggs hidden by their clever parents. Then there's the Zoo Boise Easter EGGstravaganza—where zoo staff will hide more than 30,000 pieces of candy throughout the zoo.

The all-day event has egg hunts starting every half hour and divided by age groups. There's also face painting, photo-ops with the Easter Bunny and animal enrichment experiences throughout the day. Lions, tigers, giraffes, sloth bears, snow leopards and primates all get to explore large, colorful papier-mache eggs in their exhibits. The eggs, often sprayed with perfume or loaded with food inside, work to bring out natural behaviors in the animals.

"It's like a dog with a kong," said Zoo Boise's Liz Littman. "It keeps them mentally stimulated."

It keeps your kids entertained, too, and you only have to be clever enough to find the zoo.