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Zoltar Arrives at Re-POP Gifts

Saturday, Feb. 3, Re-POP Gifts


Boise's Re-POP Gifts, which bills itself as Idaho's pop culture and fandom headquarters, is already known around town for its top-notch displays and installations, from a life-sized Doctor Who Tardis (used at Re-POP as a dressing room) to a replica Platform Nine and Three-Quarters (of Harry Potter fame) complete with green screen. On Sunday, Feb. 3, the shop will debut its newest creation: a reproduction of Zoltar, The Great Gypsy King. If you've seen the 1988 movie Big, then you'll recognize the mechanical fortune teller's creepy hinged jaw and glowing red eyes from the scene where it grants Josh Baskin (David Moscow) his wish to grow up overnight (becoming Tom Hanks). Join the Re-POP crew for an 80's-themed party to kick off Zoltar's residence, complete with Big-themed merch, food, a costume contest, discounts and prizes.