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Ziesta Music Festival Fiestas All Weekend


Long-time partners in crime, "siesta" and "fiesta," are cut from the same linguistic cloth. When you fiesta at night, you siesta the next afternoon. But what the heck is a ziesta?

"Ziesta was originally conceived as a backyard barbecue to help celebrate Jaialdi, which is the following weekend," said Sam Tibbs, co-founder of the new two-day music festival. "The more we started talking about it, the more we thought it would have a greater impact if we increased the number of bands and made it more of an event."

Long-time friends who both recently lived in Memphis, Tenn., Tibbs and Jon Zubizarreta networked and got an assortment of out-of-town garage rock acts to sign on for a weekend-long music festival. On Friday, July 23, at Neurolux you can rock out to Thee Headliners (Portland, Ore.), Broken Spells (Provo, Utah), White Fang (Portland, Ore.), Bare Wires (Oakland, Calif.) and the Goodnight Loving (Milwaukee, Wisc.). Then, on Saturday, July 24, beginning at noon, there's a barbecue behind the Boise Depot catered by Basque restaurant Leku Ona with music by Thee Headliners, La Knots (Boise), Low-fi (Boise), Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside (Portland, Ore.) and Pure Country Gold (Portland, Ore.). Finally, on Saturday night, Neurolux will host Colleen Green (Oakland, Calif.), Girlfriends (Boston, Mass.), Thee Goochi Boiz (Boulder, Colo.), the Parallels (Vancouver, BC), the Mean Jeans (Portland, Ore.) and the Mystery Lights (Salinas, Calif.).

"All these bands ... kind of have rock 'n' roll attitude," said Tibbs. "There's a bit of swagger. There's some stage antics. I don't know if I'm going to go so far as to say there's going to be high leg kicks, but you might see some windmill guitar riffs."

Ziesta wraps up on Sunday, July 25, with a float down the Boise River starting at Barber Park at 1 p.m. After that, you're gonna need a mad siesta.

Friday, July 23-Saturday, July 25, $10-$12, Neurolux, 111 N. 11th St., 208-343-0886. Barbecue: Saturday, July 24, Noon-4 p.m., FREE, behind the Boise Depot,