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Ze Thief is not here, He is Zerr


Just over a month ago, we received word that Boise Police were looking for an unnamed local man who had been seen acting "suspiciously" in a parking lot at Kathryn Albertson Park during a wedding in September. The department also released wedding pictures that showed the man staring into a car window around the time several of the cars were broken into. At the time, we had this to say: "If you are the guy in the picture, and you were just looking in that car's window to make sure you didn't have a nose-goblin hanging out as you walked past a bunch of bride's maids ... well, then it sure sucks to be you right now, buddy!"

Turns out we were both wrong and right. The man in the picture, David M. Zerr, 37, of Boise, wasn't actually looking in the window to self-groom, according to police. They say he was breaking into the cars, and he has been charged with burglary. But on the other hand, it probably sucks even more to get caught by a citizen tip after being featured in media reports than to get mistakenly put on screen. Which brings us to ...