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Zammuto, Sept. 14, Boise Contemporary Theater

Z is for Zammuto


If the name "Zammuto" evokes images of an effusive Romanian pan-flutist, perish the thought--it is the name of the four-piece band fronted by Nick Zammuto, formerly of The Books. Zammuto the man is an innovative, creative artist who not only creates glitchy, addictive, electronic music, he builds ways to express it--check out videos on of the young inventor in action. Zammuto's latest release, Anchor (Temporary Residence Ltd.; Sept. 2, 2014) is filled with the same frenetic energy that surely swirls in its creator's mind--drums clatter propeller-fast on "Hegemony"; the fun, poppy "IO" sounds like a Danny Elfman collaboration--yet the album also contains tempered moments of unquiet like the melodic and menacing "Henry Lee."

On stage, Zammuto the band plays along to projected visuals and delivers more of a happening than a show. The Z in the frontman's name is about the only thing he has in common with Zamfir.