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Continuing its streak as Boise's buzz band-in-chief, Youth Lagoon's debut album The Year of Hibernation was picked by Spin Magazine as one of the year's 50 best albums, No. 21 to be precise. That comes on the heels of the band's video for its debut single, "Montana," being selected by Pitchfork as one of the year's best music videos and booking a world tour for the spring. Perhaps the next album will be called The Year of Hyperactivity.

Speaking of hyperactivity, Washington, D.C., hardcore aristocracy Fugazi has played more than 1,000 shows since 1987, 800 of which were recorded. Those recordings are being released as The Fugazi Live Series by the band and its label, Dischord Records, with 130 of the recordings released on Dec. 1 and more to be released monthly until the entire catalog is online in one searchable archive on the Dischord Records website. The band is also encouraging visitors to contribute any photos, fliers or general show info they have. Users may access and download from the archive if they have a free Dischord Records account, but the band is suggesting a $5 download contribution.

Occasionally bands other than Fugazi play concerts as well. A grip of them will be playing in Boise March 22-25, for the inaugural Treefort Music Festival. Organizers already announced performances from indie-megastars Of Montreal and Built to Spill on Dec. 12, but they upped the ante on Monday, Dec. 19, when they also announced performances from Blitzen Trapper, Typhoon, Talkdemonic, AU and Champagne, Champagne.

More bands are being released weekly, which is convenient for you, since BW publishes weekly.

And finally, Portland, Ore., indie label Tender Loving Empire, musical home for Boise band Finn Riggins, has announced its plans to build a potentially revolutionary new e-commerce platform for bands to sell music. Based off of what is known as "The Radiohead Model," the platform will allow music to be vended for whatever the listener thinks it's worth.

"A lot of time and money goes into making the music we love," wrote TLE. "This thought leads most people to feeling a little pang of guilt as they're watching their free download finish. We want to eliminate that guilt."

The project is still in the fundraising phase but is expected to be rolled out sometime in 2012.