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Your Diamante or Your Cabeza


The most troubling crime of the week comes--predictably--from the Canyon County seat (or butt, or whatever) of Caldwell, where three men robbed a small jewelry store at gunpoint and tied up the owner and his pregnant daughter in front of a 4-year-old.

According to a story in the Idaho Press-Tribune, the men entered Joyeria El Diamante at about 1 p.m., asking initially to look at CDs but quickly switching their attention to the shop's proprietors. One of the suspects threw owner Antonio Garcia to the ground and stuck a gun against his head, while another flashed a knife and grabbed Garcia's daughter Lidia Sandval. The suspects bound both victims in duct tape and took them to the back of the store while Sandval's 4-year-old son Julian watched and stuck close to his mother. After taking numerous pieces of gold jewelry, the suspects bailed in what is suspected to be a two-toned brown car. Once the trouble had subsided, young Julian helped cut through the duct tape on Sandval's wrists so she could call 911.

The suspects are still at large, and are described as Hispanic males, about 6 feet tall and between 170 and 190 pounds. They were wearing plaid shirts under coats. Sandval told the paper she suspects the men were from Mexico, because their Spanish was better than hers.