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You'll Want To Buy A House In Calexico

Thursday, Aug. 11, Egyptian Theatre


The name Calexico is an exotic hybrid of California and Mexico (it's the name of a small city in California) and the music confirms a colorful marriage of traditional folk, country, rock and even a little pop full of the flavors of both Spanish and American sounds as guitars, violins, percussion and horns weave in and around one another.

After 22 releases and a slew of collaborations what started as a two-man band--Joey Burns and John Convertino--in the mid-'90s has morphed and grown (there are now six members) much like Calexico's reputation for creating intoxicating music. In 2010, Calexico released the soundtrack for Circo, a film about a family that has been running a traveling circus in Mexico for more than 100 years. Joey Burns told that when the director sent him and Convertino a glimpse of the Ponce family that the documentary was about, they both fell in love.

If you haven't already fallen for them, after a night with Calexico, you might be a little in love, too.

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