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You Don't Need No Stinking Yard to BBQ


Hypothetically, let's say you graduated college in the midst of a recession so buried in oppressive student debt that even when you manage to find a job, you're still going to be living in a studio apartment for a long, long time.

As a studio-dweller you would likely lack a patio/porch/yard, so you would also theoretically lack a barbecue.

And what if, on top of that, your friends are mired in the same situation and also sans Hibachi.

Under such a barbecue-less nightmare scenario, how would you ever accomplish the American dream of having a drunken barbecue at the river/sporting event/roof of Boise State with scantily clad members of the opposite sex?

Well fear not because the geniuses--nay, "heroes"--at EZ Grill have the solution: the disposable instant grill.

For less than $10 you get a complete barbecue and grill packed with natural match-ready charcoal and fold-out legs that gives you 90 minutes of fire on which to roast a slab of the dead animal or vegetable of your choice. When you're done, no need to pack it up or scrape off burnt chunks of flotsam. Just trash it and you're gold, Ponyboy.

The only other thing you'll need to feel like you're in a beer commercial is a single match to light it with. Game effin' on.