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You Again?


...And so we come back to this face. Two weeks ago, Boise Police labeled 20-year-old Patrick Artis of Boise a "person of interest" in regard to an armed robbery at a West Boise construction site. In this column, I advised readers to call police if they saw him. Last week, Artis was the subject of another article, this time to clear his name after police arrested 22-year-old Karl Henninger for the stickup. At the time, I generously noted, "If you see Patrick Artis on the street this week, walk up to him, look him in the face and say, 'I am not interested in you.'" Strike that--what I should have said was to tell him, "I'm not interested in you, but the police are still very interested."

Artis was arrested on burglary, grand theft, resisting and obstructing, felony escape and possession of drug paraphernalia charges last Monday, May 8, after police pulled over a car in which he was a passenger. According to a department release, none of these charges are related to the case in which he was a person of interest. Instead, they are related to a pair of easy-as-pie thefts at houses in east and west Boise. In the first, about three weeks ago near Columbia Village, a suspect entered a house through an open garage door and snatched a bicycle, a skateboard and some scooters. The second burglary took place on May 3, when someone went second-hand shopping at an unlocked home near the intersection of Fairview Avenue and Curtis Road, and came away with some finds including two purses, a set of car keys and an SUV.

As for the other charges, well, let's just say that Artis is no escape artist. When the car he was in was pulled over, he led police on a short foot race before he was apprehended and found to be in possession of paraphernalia. Then, after being interviewed by detectives, Artis felt the itch again and jetted. He was brought down again and transported to the Ada County Jail.