YFFN Reorganizes

Boise Pride takes over community event


It appears that Your Family Friends and Neighbors is doing some reorganization.

The gay advocacy group has split off from the branch responsible for organizing the annual Pride event, a celebration of Idaho's gay community. The event is now under the control of Boise Pride, a group dedicated solely to organizing the festival.

This splintering has led to rumors that the larger YFFN organization may be breaking up, but organizers say final decisions have yet to be made. Nikki Leonard, spokeswoman for YFFN, said discussions are ongoing.

"We've served a huge purpose," Leonard said. "It is a possibility that YFFN may end up going away."

For the time being, the organization is still functioning, and will continue its political advocacy with the help of the Idaho Equality Committee. "YFFN is going to continue in some capacity," Leonard said.

Plans are already underway for the next Pride event, which has been moved back a week to June 14.

"In the past, Pride has been something some people have seen as a way to create a lot of buzz about the gay and lesbian community in the state. This year, we don't care what anyone thinks—we're doing this for ourselves," said Kristopher Jenkins, co-chair of Boise Pride.

YFFN was originally founded to organize the Pride event, but in recent years, the organization has moved further into the realm of politics, a move that led to the creation of IEC in December 2006.

Andrea Shipley, who heads IEC, said she worries that changes in the larger organization may be misinterpreted.

"I don't want the community to feel a knee-jerk [reaction] to so much happening," she said.