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Year of Idaho Food Seed Swap to be Held Feb. 12

Your Chance to Swap Seeds and Gardening Stories


Bartering might make you picture an overcrowded Southern California flea market or a humid Algerian bazaar, digging for dusty tchotchkes and terra-cotta pots. However, the Year of Idaho Food's Seed Swap and Story Telling event will bring bartering down to a much smaller, more manageable scale: seeds.

During this mid-winter gathering organized by the Treasure Valley Food Coalition, community gardeners will tell stories about seeds, planting and the foods that follow. Master gardeners from University of Idaho will be available to answer your green-thumb queries, equipped with helpful gardening tips and valuable seed-starting ideas. But don't worry if you aren't an avid gardener, swapping seeds and stories is bound to get you in the gardening groove.

With planting season almost upon us, those magical beans you've procrastinated planting due to the less-than-desirable beanstalk that might sprout up in your front yard, may very well be worth trading for acorn squash or rhododendron seeds.

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