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Yeah, What He Said


Each week we dig a gem of a quote out of the text of the issue and publish it on the cover of that edition. This week our writers and sources were on fire. In fact, there are so many choice quotes that are cover material, I've taken a few lines here to point out the runners-up.

How's this one: "People don't like me to use the term, but it's the Christian Taliban." That one comes courtesy of Democrat Rep. Bill Killen in reference to ALEC, which he says had Sen. Chuck Winder do its bidding with the ultrasound bill that ended up getting so many constituents pissed off even the conservatives under the dome backed off their support. Note to readers: That's not even the best quote to come from Killen in his interview with News Editor George Prentice, so don't thumb past Citizen thinking it's just a snoozer full of political drivel.

And in Mail this week, one reader had this to say: "So Garden City isn't pretty enough for Texas transplant Kerri Hahn and her kitchen coven." (Extra points for the alliteration.) I'm always torn as to how to feel when readers don't see the obvious signs in our annual April Fool's story (BW, Feature, "A Desperate Housewife of Garden City," March 28, 2012) that we're doing some serious leg pulling. I'm hoping it's because they don't make it all the way through the story because they were so disgusted by what came first. I'm also hoping that those readers who bought the whole thing end to end are in the minority. So here it is in black and white, folks: April Fool's.

And perhaps the nod for best quote of the week goes to Ted Rall for: "As of April 2, finger-rape is the law." I can almost sense that a proofreader is, as I type these words, so repulsed by that statement, he or she is tempted to scratch it from the page altogether. My guess is, though, that for those of you who read this note before Rall's column, intrigue will triumph over your own disgust.