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X-Treme Gamers Night

Saturday, Sept. 17 at For Boise Community Center


When playing video games, you can participate in violent tactical missions, slay big game, play sports or take care of cute, cuddly animals. A new game from Starving Eyes Advergaming even allows you to get your political rage flowing. Tea Party Zombies Must Die equips players with an arsenal of weapons, including a crowbar, a shotgun and, as you level up, a machete. You can use said weapons to wreak havoc on Tea Party zombies, including a Newt Gingrich zombie, the Sarah Palin zombie and an "express racist views anonymously on the Internet modern Klan zombie." The landscape of the game is bleak, littered with Fox News logos and decaying Tea Party propaganda.

Though Tea Party Zombies Must Die is an amusing option for left-leaning adult gamers, Fort Boise Community Center will offer more kid-appropriate games for your little ones to play during X-Treme Gamers Night. Kids and parents are invited for a night of gaming on Saturday, Sept. 17, featuring open play and tournament gaming. They will have 12-foot screens, food, drinks and prizes. And if you can't make it this Saturday, Fort Boise will also have gaming nights the third Saturday of every month through January.

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