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X—The First Date

Good enough to meet the friends, but how about the family


Following drinks at the Bronco Bar, X asked me on our first real date. An Italian restaurant had just opened and I was dying to go. He made reservations for dinner. I still remember what I wore, where we sat and what we ordered. Some people he knew came in and he stood up and introduced me to them. I was so flattered. I loved every minute of that date. Being on that date reminded me of the feelings I had once felt for Paul and I was elated to have those butterflies again.

I had heard that X hadn't dated much so like a fool, I thought that made me special. After dinner he walked me to my car and stood with the driver side door open as I sat in the driver's seat. He nervously swung the door back and forth until he had the guts to kiss me. I thought it was sweet that he was nervous and told myself that he must really like me to be so nervous.

We continued going on dates, meeting friends and going to events. He is in real estate and knows a lot of people. As someone in a similar industry that was looking to build her career, I loved going places with him and having him introduce me. I was so proud to be with him. This was a new world for me. I had never dated someone with a career that enjoyed events and networking. That summer was flying by and I thought I had found "The One".

I introduced X to my family and thought that he would naturally want to do the same since both our families live in town. It seemed I was good enough to bring to cocktail hours and BBQs, but not qualified to meet family. This all changed when a family friend was getting married. Little did I know that would be the beginning of the end.

Have you dated someone that won't introduce you to friends or family? Have you ever been that person? Cheers to be brave enough to take those next steps.

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