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X Ambassadors


If you asked them, the members of alt-rock band X Ambassadors might tell you their ambassadorial mission is twofold: for the last few years, the group has pushed both radio-ready music and political activism. In 2015, X Ambassadors released its first full-length album, VHS (KIDinaKORNER), which spawned hits "Renegades" and "Unsteady," but also produced a single benefiting the ACLU and played in support of Planned Parenthood on the day of the 2017 Women’s March. Posts on gun violence and President Donald Trump’s latest policy moves grace the group’s Facebook page almost as often as tour snapshots, but it’s the latter that will bring X Ambassadors to Boise on Sunday, July 15, in support of its new jazz- and gospel-inspired single, “Joyful.” Hit The Knit for a dose of pop as easy-listening as it is progressive.