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WSJ: Revival of Columbia Record Club in the Works for 2016



At the height of its popularity, the Columbia House Record Club boasted millions of customers and many Americans built their record collections through the club in the 1970s and '80s (revenues peaked at $1.6 billion in 1997, according to Entertainment Weekly). But the ease of digital music crippled the company, sending it into bankruptcy earlier this year.

Vinyl lovers got a bit of Christmas cheer Dec. 23, when The Wall Street Journal reported the Columbia Record Club could be resurrected in 2016. 

"You can see a yearning and an interest to try a new format,” John Lippman, who purchased Columbia House for $1.5 million in a bankruptcy sale, told the Journal. “For a category that is meaningful and growing rapidly, you don’t see a whole lot of choice.”

Lippman said details still need to be ironed out, but he's considering a model in which suggested albums are sent to customers, similar to how some book clubs operate. Meanwhile, Billboard reports there are already other vinyl record clubs, such as VINYL ME PLEASE, which sends three new albums, depending on the member's musical tastes, each month with prices starting at $23 monthly.