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World Cup 2014: Which Team Are We Supposed to Root for Now?

Only four teams remain: Brazil, Argentina, The Netherlands and Germany. We know you will make the right decision.


OK, America, it's time to face facts. The US is out, but the World Cup, it must go on.

We need to focus on next steps, how to move forward. How to choose from the remaining teams.

We're not even sure exactly how to go about it. That's up to you. Maybe you want to base your decision on who you think will win. Perhaps you're already decked out in red, white and blue and would like a low-stress, low-cost way of transferring allegiance based on a team's colors (you have two choices). Or perhaps you have some Dutch friends or something.

However you go about it, GlobalPost would like to be a part of it. Here's a handy list of standout attributes of the remaining teams that will help you decide. No one said it was going to be easy.

1) Brazil

If you are uncreative and/or really smart you will choose to root for Brazil, since they are the favorites and also they are playing at home. Not to mention the fact that they've won more World Cups than anyone else.

But let the record show this choice does not come without its risks. Remember how Brazil opened the World Cup: Ooopsie.

2) Argentina

Let's face it, they're flashy. They score lots of points. They have Messi. If you like Messi, root for Argentina.

Messi is the best player in the world, arguably the best player that ever lived (move over Maradona/Pele). Argentina's defense kind of sucks but they have Messi. Messi.

3) Germany

The US team does have five German-Americans on it, so I suppose there's an argument to be made for choosing Germany even though they kicked our butts at the end of the first round.

They are also good at passing. Plus they perfectly embody some favorable German stereotypes in that they are clean and efficient.

4) The Netherlands

The Dutch have come in second place three times. Ah! That's a record. A sad, sad record. Also, The Netherlands flag is red, white and blue, if you haven't already used that rationale to root for Costa Rica. Even though the Dutch play in orange uniforms.

They also have fought the Belgians and lost, as Market Watch points out, though their battle with Belgium was in 1830.

Oh and this is cool: Historically, the Dutch have played a style of soccer known as Total Football, which means any player can take the place of any other player. How cool is that? And this is their cheer, it's called "Hup Holland Hup":