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World Champions

Treasure Valley team brings title home


Here’s a bit of trivia: Did you know the Treasure Valley is home to a world championship sports team? Can you name it?

Turns out the seniors are getting all the action, in the realm of softball at least. Earlier this month, Blaine Count Title’s men’s senior softball team won the 60AAA World Championship, played in Phoenix.

The team entered the double-elimination tournament seeded No. 1 of the 361 teams from across the country. When the dust had settled, the team finished with at 9-1 record and averaged more than 20 runs per game.

Add this title to the team’s Western Nationals victory in Salt Lake City and the win at the U.S. Nationals, and BCT earned the Triple Grand Slam.

Five local players were even singled out for the All Tournament Team, including Wayne Clark, Scott Shumway, Bob Hildeman, Bob Sarchett and Jim Pierce. The team also included George Quiggle, Wayne Schmidlkofer, Dave Bixby, Larry Harpe, Larry Hoffman, Dean Merrill and Ken Rhodes.

Just goes to prove, the boys of summer never grow too old to play.