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Workin' on the River


At long last, construction on the River Recreation Park is getting started.

Work on the first phase of the project, which will create a permanent whitewater park on the Boise River at the end of 36th Street, is scheduled to begin in October. First up on the construction schedule is to build a new dam at the old Thurman Mill diversion dam. As part of this phase, crews will also build an "articulated adjustable Waveshaper," according to the City of Boise. The feature basically will create a permanent play wave at all water levels.

During the construction of the whitewater park, both the north and south sides of the Greenbelt will be affected, but specific closures have yet to be announced.

When the project is completed, it will carry a roughly $4-million price tag. The City of Boise has already pledged at least $750,000 and is expected to chip in more, while the family of Ray Neef has donated another $1 million. Volunteers are working through Friends of the Parks to raise the rest of the money.

­--Deanna Darr

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