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Words, Deeds, Creeps and Eats


Being in the word biz, we have particular affection for libraries at Boise Weekly—and the City of Trees is about to get another bibliotheque. The Bown branch of the Boise library system is finally coming to fruition, and BW News Editor George Prentice took a tour of the construction site to get the inside scoop on exactly how a library comes into being. Find his report on Page 7.

Speaking of words, on Page 8, BW intern Taryn Hadfield quizzed a handful of Idaho scholars on the deeper meaning of plagiarism, teeing off from the hubbub surrounding a speech delivered by wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Melania, parts of which she apparently cribbed from an address by first lady Michelle Obama in 2008. To borrow a phrase, cheaters never prosper—in the classroom or at the dais.

Switching from words to deeds, another BW intern, Taylor Turney, checked in with a Boise gym helping train the Olympians of the future—and when we say it's never too early to start training, we're not kidding. Kids as young as 15 months old are building the skills that could land them on the podium.

In another jump, this time from deeds to creeps, Prentice put on his film critic hat for a screening of Woody Allen's latest nostalgia-laden comedy of errors Cafe Society. While it's a visually sumptuous and dramatically satisfying experience, Allen's own fraught history of sex abuse allegations and general fixation on age-inappropriate romance (not to mention fascination with near-incest) makes it near impossible to divorce the man from his work.

Moving from creeps to eats, Hadfield made a literal pit stop at Cutter's Grand BBQ to find out what it takes to run a bona fide pit-style pop-up 'cue operation. Spoiler: It requires sleeping in a camper and waking up every few hours to stoke the fires.

Finally—and this may be burying the lead a little—inside this week's edition, you'll find a glossy magazine tucked between the pages. What's that? It's the Annual Manual, your guide to "life, the Treasure Valley and everything."

That said, we can't promise it will solve all your existential dilemmas, but it will inform and entertain. Guaranteed.