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Woolen Men

Tuesday, Sept. 22, Neurolux


The Woolen Men combine the DIY spirit of Flying Nun Records' bands with the raw heart-on-your sleeve delivery of Pacific Northwest staples The Wipers and Dead Moon. Despite being skilled songwriters and an energetic touring band, the Portland, Ore.-based three-piece knows music alone won't pay the bills.

In the press release for its new album, Temporary Monument (Woodsist; Sept. 4, 2015), the band declares, "Music today is rendered powerless—white noise made in the echo chamber, for the great Smooth Face that gazes once and moves on. So here it comes, some noise from the dustbin." It's a sad but true context any band must face when making music in 2015.

Is rock music an exercise in futility? Is it a ritual fans refuse to let die? Or is it a reason to drink more beer than you probably should on a weeknight? Find out for yourself at this Radio Boise Tuesday show at the Neurolux and see what the Woolen Men dig out of the dustbin.