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Woodz Barrel Boards Company

Boise's Sibbz Longboards takes reduce/reuse/recycle to a whole new leverl


Local company Sibbz Longboards has made a name for itself by crafting top-notch custom skateboards. Now, owner Tyson Sibbett may find himself a topic of conversation among interior designers and oenophiles, with the launch of Woodz Barrel Board Company, where Sibbett crafts custom boards—and, this spring, furniture from whiskey and wine barrels.

Sibbz Operations Manager Courtney Sibbett said though Woodz is a separate entity, it's like Sibbz' "little brother." They have a similar logo (Sibbz is a bird wearing a crown; Woodz is an owl with a crown) and Woodz also sources locally, with barrels from Sockeye.

"In the next year, we plan to be using 20-50 barrels per month," Courtney said, adding they use every part of the barrel except the metal ring, even using barrel tops and bottoms to make signage for any retail outlets that will be carrying Woodz designs. With the kind of clients who've bought custom Sibbz boards—Tech 9 and Ziggy Marley, for example—telling people about them, Woodz may need a whole lot of barrel tops.