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Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Aug. 20, Neurolux


It's business as usual on Wooden Indian Burial Ground's latest release How's Your Favorite Dreamer? (EXAG Records, 2016). Fuzzed guitars, chord-driving organ and robotic Devo-esque vocals create noise that induces Tasmanian Devil-level dancing, but WIBG also takes meditative detours into psychedelic jams, providing time to catch your breath. WIBG's atmospheric sound and sloppy garage rock combine to create what promises to be a killer live show on Saturday, Aug. 20.

As if WIBG wasn't trippy enough, local band HiHazel is also taking a psychedelic journey that night as opening act and celebrating the release of its debut album Private Palace (Self-released, Aug. 1). Check out our review of Private Palace on Page 14.

Jimi Hendrix once asked "Are you experienced?" So, wherever WIBG and HiHazel take you this Saturday, prepare to be experienced.