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Won't Somebody Please Think of the Guns?


We expect a lot of our law enforcement officials. We expect them to use the latest, coolest guns and ammo to capture bad guys, while showing the restraint to pull the oh-so-tempting triggers of those weapons only when absolutely necessary. And then we expect them to take even newer, cooler weapons away from the bad guys and throw them in an evidence locker, never to be shot again. It's a sad situation, and the real victims--the guns--are usually overlooked.

But former Idaho Falls City Prosecutor Kimball Mason saw through the blind bureaucracy and rescued a pair of forgotten barrel-babies from the scrap heap of legal oblivion. His first adoptee was a Lorcin 9 millimeter semiautomatic pistol, which he stole from the City of Idaho Falls on May 3, 2001, according to an Idaho Attorney General's Office release. This little darling--we're hoping he called her "Lorcy"--soon got lonely, and so on July 19, 2005, Mason rescued her a big fat best friend by the name of Rugey. That is, a Ruger .357 revolver.

The three were a happy little family until the state-run home wrecker known as the AG's Office, obviously jealous of Mason's achievement of the American dream, filed a complaint in the Bonneville County Magistrate Court last week. Mason was also charged with falsification of a public record, for allegedly altering a court order. According to KIFI Channel 8 in Idaho Falls, Mason agreed to plead guilty to the charges on March 22, but it could be a while before he appears before a judge, since several have already disqualified themselves due to their previous connections to him.