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Women Artists You Art

The third annual "We Art Women" exhibit and event is scheduled for February 2009. Female visual artists are invited to apply for acceptance into this exhibit that benefits the shelter at the Women's and Children's Alliance. Organizers have made several changes from previous years: This year's event will be juried; late entries will not be accepted; a $20 fee is now required for entry.

For more information, e-mail or visit

Tell BW Your Short Story

Can you tell a titillating tale in just 101 words? Then submit your short, short story for Boise Weekly's annual Fiction 101 contest. Deadline for entries is 5 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 19 and the fee is $10 per submission (which goes toward big cash prizes). Winners will be published in our January 7, 2009, issue.

For more information, call 208-344-2055. Boise Weekly, 523 Broad St.

Show BW Your Story ... The Badder the Better

Do you have the ability (insanity) to tell a story in a panel or two (spout stream of consciousness) and the willingness to do it (or risk our wrath) every week for a year? Then enter Boise Weekly's annual Bad Cartoon contest. An esteemed panel of judges (the BW editorial team) will gather in a secret location (a nearby bar) to peruse, discuss and consider (drink, groan and laugh our asses off) the well-constructed, highly creative (chicken scratch and crayon on paper towels) entries to determine the lucky winner (sucker) whose work will grace 52 issues of Boise Weekly. Deadline is 5 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 19, and no fee is required to enter. Winners and losers will be published in the December 3 issue.

For more information, call 208-344-2055. Boise Weekly, 523 Broad St.

Hang out with BW ... We'll Take Your Money and Put it to Good Use

The Boise Weekly Cover Auction takes place Wednesday, Nov. 12. All of the pieces of art that have adorned the cover of Boise Weekly during the last year will hang in the Idaho State Historical Museum and be available for auction with proceeds funding the second annual BW art grant. Doors open at 5 p.m., auction starts at 6 p.m. sharp and is free and open to the public.

All of the pieces will be available for preview at the Historical Museum on First Thursday, November 6.

For information, call 208-344-2055. Idaho State Historical Museum, 610 N. Julia Davis Dr., 208-334-2120,

One More All About BW

BW's own art director, Leila Ramella-Rader, has been the driving force behind the Boise Weekly aesthetic for nearly seven years and it is with great pride that we learned one of her creations—a whimsical wedding invitation—is reprinted in the prestigious Regional Design Annual issue of PRINT magazine. According to their Web site (, this issue of PRINT is "the most comprehensive survey of graphic design in the United States ... we feel that the work ... represents the best design, illustrations, and photography being produced throughout the United States." We couldn't agree more.

Idaho Artist Makes History

Visual artist and Boise State arts professor Anika Smulovitz recently had two pieces—both Torah pointers or yad, which are used to hold a reader's place since touching the Torah is verboten—added to the permanent collection of the Jewish Museum in New York City and will be part of an exhibition at the museum that will open in the fall of 2009. About this work, Smulovitz writes, "creating contemporary Judaica allows me to examine contemporary issues through the Jewish tradition. It is not a religious interest that draws me towards making Judaica, but a cultural interest and an interest as a silversmith in creating work that has a ritual function."