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Witchcraft, Nov. 16, Neurolux


At a time in music when the single is king, it's cool to find a new album in which once you've listened to the whole thing through, you want to hear the whole thing through again. Swedish band Witchraft's third full-length release, The Alchemist, is just such an album.

Witchcraft's music has been described as "doom rock," or "hipster metal," but neither label really allows for the band's range or that of singer/guitarist Magnus Pelander whose strong, but soft voice often breaks with intensity.

Though The Alchemist doesn't have the same raw drone of the band's earlier releases, which may have garnered Witchcraft many of its fans, the more precise sounds on The Alchemist are likely to gain them new ones. The tracks hold surprises not often found in records of this ilk: the high-energy intro and saxophone solo three minutes into "Remembered"; the '70s-inspired "Walk Between the Lines"; and the 14-minute-long title track (well, maybe that is exactly the kind of song you'd expect to hear on an album like this).

Credit goes to PussyGutt drummer and BW classified sales rep, Blake Green, for bringing the band to town. And, maybe Pelander, John Hoyles (guitar), Ola Henriksson (bass) and Fredrik Jansson (drums) do create what could aptly be called music for hipsters. But they (OK, we) are hipsters who fondly remember the days of donning our favorite band T-shirts, pushing the long hair out of our eyes, piling into our buddy's Camaro and cruising with the music cranked way up. I think I'll wear my Rush T-shirt to the show.

Nov. 16, Witchcraft with Radio Moscow and locals PussyGutt, 8 p.m., $6. Neurolux, 111 N. 11th.