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Wish it hadn't happened?


Good call.

Just as there are "party fouls" (spilling a drink, telling a poorly timed joke about old people, turning on the TV during the "seven-minutes-in-heaven" game), there are candlelight vigil fouls. One is, don't count on your host to provide candles. Another: Don't spill hot wax on your neighbor's hand, or, if this particular vigil is being held at a college, on his Quicksilver flip-flops with bottle openers built into the soles. But the most egregious vigil foul to avoid is probably, "Don't fabricate the horrific event that inspired the vigil in the first place."

And yet, that's what Boise Police say a student did on November 9, when he told Boise State officials and police officers that he had been beaten by a pair of men shouting anti-gay epithets. Officers say the man confessed on Friday, November 17, that he had fabricated the report. He also confessed, police say, to fabricating evidence around the crime scene and beating himself in the face with his fists and a stick in order to look like he had been attacked.

The individual also disclosed to officers an apparent motivation for his claims, according to a department release. However, those claims were not available for release because they are part of an ongoing investigation. If he is charged with and convicted of filing a false police report, the suspect could face a year in prison and a $1,000 fine.

Boise State, which sponsored a rally titled "N.O.T. [No Oppression Tolerated] On Our Campus" and a vigil on November 14, released a statement on Friday saying that it was relieved that the assault did not take place on the Greenbelt near campus, and that the administration was both committed to a safe and secure campus environment, and a climate of respect and inclusiveness.