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Winterfest 2010


Nampa has long had the rep for being Boise's smaller sibling, but this January, Nampa is eager to prove it can hang with big bro. Winterfest 2010, formerly known as the less punchy Customer Appreciation Day, will showcase all--well most--of what Nampa has to offer. The Nampa Civic Center will overflow with all sorts of local flavor, providing attendees with ample recreation, shopping and food options. Patrons will be treated to live entertainment, samples from local restaurants and door prizes galore.

If free food, free entertainment and free stuff aren't enough to entice you to Nampa, the event will also feature a reptile room presented by the Idaho Herpetological Society. (Tee hee, herpetological.) Brave snake charmers can take a gander at all the slithering serpents before getting their pictures taken with them. That's right--8-foot-long snakes will be on hand to pose and promenade with you. So, if you like free food and speak Parseltongue, head to Nampa for a day of rollicking reptilian revelry.

Saturday, Jan. 23, 9 a.m., FREE, Nampa Civic Center, 311 Third Street South, 208-468-5500,