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Wilson St. Pub and Sluthouse Band, Switch Hitter, Sasquatch and the Sick-A-Billys


Wilson St. Pub and Sluthouse Band, Switch Hitter, Sasquatch and the Sick-A-Billys, Thursday 9

On Thursday night, Wilson St. Pub andSluthouse band took the stage at the Bouquet around 10 p.m. Lead singer Byl growled into the mike in a tone that didn't change so much as a key for the first three or four songs. It almost got boring. Then, towards the end of their set they stopped trying to sound like something they're not. When they stuck to kick-ass country/gore punk, it worked. The subject matter for their lyrics was a scream-Bloodsucking Freaks is one of my favorite movies, and WSPandSB's "Bloodsucking Freaks" is now one of my favorite songs. Byl told me that as a band, these guys have only been together since September last. While some of their first songs seemed to emphasize that lack of experience, the later songs showed not only potential for these guys but hinted at talent. They are a must see and hear as they will only get better. After huzzahs for WSPandSB, Switch Hitter hit the stage. Again, pleasant surprise on my part. Lead singer/guitar slinger Hoss, drummer/back-up vocalist T and bass player John make a tight trio. Hoss and T's harmonies and clean and clear, and T has an impressive vocal range. Their sound is softer than their image but their songs, all original, veer into a pop/punk/rock space that has heretofore been uninhabited around here. These guys are really good musicians and with a listening/feedback party and plenty of shows on the horizon, they have a lot to offer someone looking for a local band to love.

Enter Sasquatch and the Sick-A-Billys. If you missed this show (and you did, because only about 12 people were there) you missed one of the most rocking sets to hit Boise ever. These guys are a no apologies, in your effin' face, rock-your-socks-right-the-hell-off band. Miss Natalie carries the rhythm of the world on her drums; Johnny Custom rides his diamond-plate accessorized upright bass like a Harley and leader Sasquatch (Dave Caetano) spits and swears while singing lyrics that show he is a man who means what he says and believes every God-fearing word of it. If we are ever lucky enough to have them back in Boise, go. Just don't sit too close. Sasquatch likes to set his pubic hair on fire and makes himself vomit during a show. Really.