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Wilson Gets iSkinned Up, Ritter Gets Walled Up, Fixies Get Dressed Up

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Bikes Vs. Skins

If you love the bio-mechanical treebots, tie-wearing bears, precious crab claw-wielding little girls or bike-riding goats of Ben Wilson's creations and you are the proud owner of an iPhone, you might want to scoop up a Wilson-designed art skin from

Four of Wilson's grinning ghosties--"Chad," "Emily," "Gregg" and "Jessica"--grace either a hard-shell or gel skin.

Due to the lack of inventory and the pre-order business, it looks like Izozzi is just getting things rolling. But they do have a couple of other artists' cool skins, as well as two band skins, including Boise's own James Orr, which features a picture of the big-bearded musician standing large and in charge.

Want to design your own skin or get your own musical mug on the back of fans' iPhones? Visit for more info.

To see more of Wilson's work, visit

Speaking of bike-riding goats (not really), ewe should hop on your baaad-ass cycle and pedal over to the Linen Building, ASAP. In celebration of Idaho lad Josh Ritter's newest release, So Runs the World Away, the Linen Building recently unveiled a new mural featuring themes and artwork from the new album. The mural, which is made up of three large panels, climbs up the exterior west wall of the Linen Building and was conceived by artist Matthew Fleming and painted by Boise Rock School pioneer Ryan Peck and Kacey Martinez. And listen up little ladies with big crushes on Mr. Ritter: You only have three months to linger over the new mural. No kid-ding.

In other bicycle and Linen Building news, the third annual Modern Art show is fast approaching at the Modern Hotel. This year, in addition to a butt-load of artists and street performers and wristband wielding artsters, the Boise Bike Project is bringing the Fixed Gear Gallery to Boise. Fixie and single-speed riders are encouraged to show off their bike babies to the judgmental masses in hopes of being crowned raddest ride. The top-five vote snaggers will be posted on