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Will Hunt for Art: Local Studios Hide Halloween-Themed Art Objects Across Boise


If you've been on the hunt for the perfect fall-themed decoration or accessory and aren't afraid to do a bit of sleuthing, FireFusion Studio and Boise Art Glass just might have you covered for free. As is their fall tradition, the two materials studios have teamed up once again for a Halloween Scavenger Hunt, hiding art objects like glass and metal pumpkins, jewelry, Idaho-themed magnets and keychains, copper birds and more across downtown Boise for their social media followers to seek out.

Starting Monday, Oct. 22, FireFusion and Boise Art Glass will post two clues per day on Facebook at precisely 1:30 p.m. pointing their followers toward two separate hiding places, each of which will boast an art piece. One item from each studio will be up for grabs per day through the end of the hunt on Saturday, Oct. 27.

  • Courtesy FireFusion Studio / Boise Art Glass
"We kind of did it as a thank you to the community for supporting local artists and coming to the classes," said Jessica Noel, the production manager at FireFusion studio. "...We organize the event together, but then we hide things separately."

To keep all participants in good spirits, the studios request that each hunter give the group a heads-up, and then call it quits after finding a gift to give other art enthusiasts a chance to score.

"We just ask that [winners] either post a photo and tag us, or that they post a photo to the event page to alert everybody about the item being found," said Noel.

And if all of the prizes elude you, don't worry—the two studios also partner on an Easter hunt, so there are plenty more artistic goodies to come.