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Wild Plum Events to Host Pun-Filled Bob's Burgers Pop-up


While local catering company Wild Plum Events' elegant aesthetic is at first glance the polar opposite of the cartoon funland of Bob's Burgers, husband-wife owners Alex Cardoza and Tara Morgan aren't letting that stop them from paying homage to one of their favorite TV shows.

"We're big Bob's Burgers fans. We actually have a tradition where we watch it every Sunday after family dinner," Morgan told Boise Weekly. "It's a super witty show filled with the best puns ever. Our event space was actually a burger joint before we moved in, Tom Sweeney's Dutch Oven Cafe, so we've been brainstorming doing a Bob's Burgers-inspired pop-up for a long time and finally decided to give it a go."

In a nod to the clever creations of the fictional burger joint, the menu for Wild Plum's pop-up on Friday, Nov. 2, will be as loaded with puns as it is with grass-fed beef. Options include the Sharp Cheddar Dressed Man (a classic cheeseburger), the Beets of Burden (a vegan, beet-based burger), the Morel Majority (topped with local morels and Gruyere), the Wham Bam Thank You Ham (stacked with local house-cured ham) and the Pastrombie Apocalypse (starring, you guessed it, pastrami). The burgers will run from $8 to $10, and they can be paired with a Livin' on the Wedge salad and washed down with beer, wine or whiskey soda cocktails, which Morgan said are "a nod to Bob's Thanksgiving whiskey day-drinking adventure."

The event is unticketed and open to the public, an annual tradition for Wild Plum, so plan for a long line and plenty of entertainment, whether from the kitschy diner decor, the costume-clad staff or fellow attendees joining in on the Bob's Burgers-themed tomfoolery.

"We'll have service staff to grab drinks for folks while they're waiting to order their burgers and some other surprises to entertain people in line, but we hope people are understanding and show up with a fun, chill attitude," said Morgan. "And we've also got some sweet prizes we'll be handing out for the best costumes, so we hope people bring it!"

If you're up to the challenge, stop by Wild Plum's event space at 1621 N. Orchard St. on Friday between 6 and 9 p.m.