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Wild Kingdom Comes to the Morrison Center

Saturday, April 28


Animal lovers with very deep pockets can travel to deep jungles or vast deserts to get a rare glimpse of elusive beasts. The rest of us usually have to go to the zoo or, at the very least, turn on Animal Planet. But the Morrison Center (in what has to be one of the most unlikely settings imaginable) will be transformed Saturday, April 28, to host Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.

The show's host, Peter Gros, promises a cacophony of the planet's most-unique and exotic animals, visiting the same stage usually reserved for ballet, drama or Boise Philharmonic.

Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom has been entertaining and informing generations of television viewers for nearly a half-century, dating back to the iconic Marlin Perkins traipsing through exotic locales each Sunday night on NBC. Perkins' comrade Jim Fowler almost always found himself tussling with an animal who looked at Perkins and Fowler as an early evening snack. Gros, their television heir, regularly appears on the Tonight Show, frightening Jay Leno with some multi-fanged creature. When Gros takes his show on the road, his traveling companions include giant porcupines, alligators, kangaroos, pythons, spider monkeys and plenty of creepy crawlers.

Wild Kingdom's live stage show is being sponsored by the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation, a Boise-based nonprofit committed to promoting conservation education about fishing, hunting, habitat and wildlife management.