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Wife of Idaho Pastor: 'Saeed Was Released From Solitary'

"Please continue to pray for his health and freedom."


The wife of Idaho pastor Saeed Abedini, sentenced to prison in Iran after being accused of trying to convert someone to Christianity, says her husband had been released from solitary confinement but was rushed to a hospital due to internal bleeding.

Naghmeh Abedini, wife of the pastor from Boise's Calvary Chapel Church, shared the update via Facebook on May 9:

"Saeed was released from solitary and is now back in general prison," she wrote. "Please continue to pray for his health and freedom."

Following a hunger strike, and at the urging of an Iranian attorney, Nahgmeh Abedini said the prison released her husband and nine other prisoners back into the general prison on May 8, but he has since required medical attention.

In January, Saeed was sentenced to eight years in prison after being put under house arrest in June 2012 and then jailed in September 2012. He had traveled to Iran to visit family and help build an orphanage.