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Widespread Panic to Cause Widespread Solace Through Widespread Tunes

Wednesday, June 29 at Idaho Botanical Garden


Hailing from Athens, Ga., Widespread Panic sounds like the Southern love child of the Allman Brothers and Grateful Dead.

Known for kick-ass live performances, these beasts of the blacktop have been described as having roots in Southern rock, blues-rock, progressive rock, funk and hard rock. And with a discography as deep as the Boise Hole, Widespread Panic is one of those bands that seems to fit in no matter where you hear it. Whether it's downtown on a Saturday night or in a Middleton cafe, Widespread Panic could be playing and you probably wouldn't even bat an eyelash.

Touring on its latest album, Dirty Side Down, Widespread Panic will rock the roses at Idaho Botanical Garden on Wednesday, June 29. Dirty Side Down has a more complex instrumental feel and adds some great jam-tastic tunes to the band's repertoire. Jam bands were never meant to be heard through earbuds. They yearn to be heard in their natural environment--loud with a beer in hand under the Idaho sun.

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