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Wide Eyed: The Junior Varsity


The Junior Varsity's debut album, Wide Eyed, is filled with pleasing hooks, catchy melodies and the band's own wide-eyed enthusiasm for their music. But this does not mean that Wide Eyed is good music. Underneath all the prettiness, there is no substance. From the very first song, this album is difficult to tolerate. Listening to The Junior Varsity, I feel I am stumbling through junior high all over again with the rollercoaster emotions of kids with no real problem besides growing up. It's perfect for its demographic, but for anyone with more experience and a more mature taste in music this is agonizing. The Junior Varsity play a breed of music that thrives in American youth culture. Though somewhat unfamiliar with this genre, I think these guys fall between Jimmy Eat World and New Found Glory. If commercial success is their goal, I'd give them an 'A+'. They are well on their way to television screens everywhere. As for the quality of this music, however, the Junior Varsity may recall the junior high disappointment of flunking an important test, because they fail. The Junior Varsity could be a good band, but sadly, they are not. That said, I'm off to smash their obnoxious prettiness out of my head with the raw weight of Spoon's new album.