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Why See Fiddler on the Roof? Tradition

March 7-9 at The Morrison Center


You don't need to have seen Fiddler on the Roof to know that it's a cultural institution. Famous since its Broadway inception more than 40 years ago, Fiddler on the Roof's legacy is enduring, with songs from the musical frequently making appearances in pop culture. Think Robin Williams and Harvey Fierstein clasping hands and singing "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" in Mrs. Doubtfire. Or Gwen Stefani's song "Rich Girl," the female take on the musical's iconic song "If I Were a Rich Man." And for those who scoff at these common pop culture references, even indie band Bright Eyes got in on the Fiddler on the Roof action, writing an adaptation of the song "Sunrise, Sunset"--a much more suicidal and twee adaptation, but an adaptation nonetheless.

All of these odes to the musical, which is set in 1905 Tsarist Russia, demonstrate its staying power. The musical boasts an impressive list of Broadway achievements, such as being the first musical in history to run 3,000 times. And now, Fiddler on the Roof is on a national tour, bringing the goods to Boise. It's your turn to get it straight from the Fiddler's mouth, which will always be better than any secondhand version.

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