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Why I'm no longer a Republican


Gary Glenn, Cheryl Crow, Dennis Mansfield, Henry Kulsnyk, Jerry Sweet and now Brandi Swindell. And this is just the short list. Why does the Republican Party in Idaho keep fostering one-note political candidates on us that have no real interest in public service, but are backed by the Republicans because they are considered electable on their extremist views?

I think electability is the key word. There are some smart guys at the head of the Republican Party. So smart they think they don't need any new ideas. All they need are warm bodies in elected office that will vote the party line when called upon and only be mildly embarrassing when let off the leash of the party line and occasionally useful for pushing agendas they don't want to be seen publicly inciting, but in the end support.

When I saw that Brandi Swindell was running for a City of Boise Council seat, I was of the same opinion as when Mr. Mansfield ran for office. Many of my friends, both Republican and Libertarian, were dismayed when I said "good for him." My opinion was to let the voters tell him we don't need him telling us what to do and how to behave. The voters spoke. He lost. Big time. I hope the citizens of The City of Boise have a similar opinion of Ms. Swindell.

What really dismayed me in this case was the reporting in The Idaho Statesman by columnist Dan Popkey that the Republicans are breaking with tradition and putting their party machine to work in favor of the election of Ms. Swindell in what has always been a non-partisan election. Not fair changing the rules when it suits only you.

To all the Republicans that go to the polls and vote the party line without knowing anything about the candidate other than that he or she has an "R" next their name, it's time to stop behaving like sheep being led to the slaughter and start voting for something new.