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Who Died in Here?


The first construction worker to take a potty break at a work site in Southeast Boise last Thursday—in other words, about two minutes after the shift started—found a gruesome menagerie stuffed in the familiar honey bucket.

Idaho Fish and Game conservation officer Matt O'Connell told BW that someone had illegally shot two long-billed curlews, two mourning doves, two crows, a valley quail and either three or four Paiute ground squirrels and stowed the carcasses in the Porta-potty. All of the animals displayed gunshot wounds from what O'Connell says is a small-caliber weapon larger than a pellet gun. O'Connell estimates the crime had been committed earlier in the same day since one of the ground squirrels was still alive when O'Connell arrived at what he labeled a "bizarre and discouraging" scene.

"It appeared to be purposely stuffed into a little crevasse, so it was pinned in there and was still able to move a little bit, but the poor little thing was on death's door when I got there," O'Connell said. "On my job, I'm pretty used to seeing dead animals. That's the nature of my job: I investigate poaching crimes, etc. But this was a weird one." While all of the birds are species common to Idaho, long-billed curlews are a protected species, and none of the other birds are currently in season. O'Connell urged anyone with information about the crime to drop an anonymous call to the Citizens Against Poaching hotline at 800-632-5999.