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Most of us ditched our blue-lined notepads after high school and have since adapted to a world where writing is a thumb-driven exercise of abbreviations and emoticons--"C U l8tr! LOL :)" Ugh.

Writing on an electronic device means ideas can be saved and shared in myriad ways. However, there are times when the act of putting pen to paper is the only thing that will do. Wake up in the middle of the night with a flash of genius? Jot it down. But how do you get it in the cloud so you can share your brilliance?

Stockholm-based Whitelines Link has created a whole new way of combining analog and digital notetaking, sketching, doodling, strategizing and whatever else can be done with pen and paper. Whitelines paper looks like standard college-rule but has a pale gray background and, as the name implies, the lines are white. The monochromatic color scheme is easier on the eyes than traditional blue lines, and it also allows for "no visual interference between the lines and the pen colour," which means OCR (optical character recognition) technology better recognizes handwriting--a score for anyone who has ever transcribed hastily written notes.

Even better, when text is scanned into a program like Evernote, the text is made searchable. And because they're white, the lines disappear when copied or scanned, so drawings can be manipulated digitally--Whitelines even makes "perspective paper" for artists. The notebooks are stylish (and paper can be downloaded for free) and can be linked to a device, making them a must-have for the 21st century techie who still loves the feel of paper and pen.