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Whiskey Wrangle

Sunday, Jan. 16, The Bouquet


Neo Tundra Cowboy's "electro-acoustic country-Americana" music is a good fit for any honky tonk--or Sunday night at one of Boise's oldest landmarks: the Bouquet.

Every other Sunday, NTC hosts a new event called the Whiskey Wrangle in which two bands take the stage. NTC will play the first set, the other band will play the second set and then the two bands will join together to create a whiskey-fueled jam that, if it gets rolling, could take them hootin' and hollerin' right into Monday morning.

NTC's frontman Christopher Thompson said the first WW was a helluva lot of fun with Snake Muzzle (the side project for NTC guitarist Chris Thaete) playing second. But rather than have NTC as the only faces on the stage, Thompson would love to see more bands come down and jam with them. And the Bouquet has drink specials those nights. Whiskey and music jams? Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday.