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Where Have All The Bees Gone?

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When most people think of bees, they think of sweet honey or painful stings. But the insect is a key factor in our agriculture, responsible for pollinating two-thirds of all foods that we eat. Narrated by actor Ellen Page, Vanishing of the Bees takes a hard look at the complex problem that is causing a rapid decline in the honeybee population.

Covering the history behind man's relationship with bees, the film investigates economic, political and ecological implications connected to our lives. An official selection for the International Wildlife Film Festival, the Colorado Environmental Film Festival and the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival, Vanishing of the Bees raises more questions as to what we can do now and what we will face in the future.

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The Vanishing of the Bees

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Director: George Langworthy and Maryam Henein

Producer: Maryam Henein and George Langworthy