When the Trolley just won't go away

Operator takes biz elsewhere


On Aug. 27, Citydesk wrote the following headline: "End of the Line for Boise Trolley Tours."

That was wrong, apparently.

If by now you haven't read the comments after several of Citydesk's blog posts following the trolley story (which are currently some of the most entertaining reading in the Treasure Valley), you're missing a treat.

Here are a few samples:

"She's a spiteful and sick person that would benefit from taking a final Trolley Tour to a padded room."

"This newspaper is a disgrace. This is a one sided defamation of my character."

"You're a wingnut."

"You park 'patrons' are a bunch of denigrates and vagrants."

"Beware, this wingnut has major stalkerific tendencies."

Here's the short of it: Boise City officials had accumulated a pretty thick file of complaints against Debra Miller, owner and operator of Boise Trolley Tours. Among other things, customers and visitors to Julia Davis Park accused Miller of rude, profane and disrespectful conduct and language.

Miller said that her lease gave her the right to kick people off of nearby park benches and tables if they weren't her customers. This went on for the better part of two years.

Ultimately, city attorneys sent a final warning letter, Miller lawyered up and she was told to shut it down.

A sign on the door of the small shack from which Miller operated her tours says:

"We've moved to 1911 State St. We will be opening again soon. Stay tuned!"