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When Jumping Sharks Is A Good Beginning

Friday, March 18, VAC


There's nothing particularly aquatic about Boise's Jumping Sharks. The alt-psychedelic-indie act makes dark, dusty music that is more likely to make the devil jump up on a hickory stump than lure Jaws up from the salty deep.

Tracks like "Tuvan Song," off their first album, Dreams of the Dying, Light of the Living, combine whiskey-splashed, spaghetti Western guitars with galloping drums. On their Reverbnation site, Jumping Sharks sum up this aesthetic:

"The red dirt diaspora swept from one panlike state to another and swirled and mixed many years with dark forests, big fires, bubbling waters, fuzz sounds, feedback and then simmered in Black Rock City where it was pressed into meat patties."

Jumping Sharks will serve up some sound burgers at their upcoming CD release party on Friday, March 18.