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Dear Minerva,

I am looking for an ecologically sound way to dispose of or recycle sex toys. Can you help me?


Buzzy Body

Dear Buzzy,

A quick internet search and some digging around, unfortunately, didn't satisfy these needs, especially in our area. The United Kingdom has a company called Lovehoney that offers a recycling program for toys, but after chatting with one of their reps, I learned they don't offer the program through their U.S. store. I couldn't find any other reputable sites offering a recycle program. My advice would be to call around to recycling facilities. If you're disposing of vibrators, consider them home electronics since they have coils and other parts that need special handling. If it's just silicone or plastic based sex toys like dildos, ask if facilities will process them. I wouldn't recommend just tossing them into the garbage though; Mother Nature may have many needs, but I doubt your intimate castoffs will tickle her fancy. There are several different companies out there offering "green toys" that are better for the environment. Despite being a multi-billion dollar per year industry, sex toys are largely unregulated. Compounds banned from cosmetics and children's toys are still present in adult toys. Once you dispose of what you have, invest in an eco-friendly toy that is built to pleasure you for a lifetime.