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What's New on Campus: Butt Chugging

Alcohol enema sends University of Tennessee fraternity member to emergency room


Perhaps another sign that college isn't right for everyone. Students at the University of Tennessee are accused of performing alcohol enemas, WREG reported. The procedure has no medical value.

Police officers arrived at the Pi Kappa Alpha house early Saturday morning and found several young men passed out. They were surrounded by “bags from wine boxes, some empty and some partially empty, strewn across the halls and rooms," the Knoxville News Sentinel reported. That all sounds pretty typical for a frat house. But the method that the wine was consumed was not so typical. Authorities think that the men inserted rubber tubes into their own rectums and then poured wine down each other's tubes. That's what friends are for.

At least one student had a dangerous blood-alcohol level from the butt chugging and had to be hospitalized, the Knoxville News Sentinel said. He has since recovered.

However, the victim's father denies that his son is a butt chugger. "There are erroneous reports out there," the father told the Daily Beacon. "There are significant errors that have been reported and we will correct them."

In the meantime, the University of Tennessee has suspended the Pi Kappa Alpha chapter for 30 days, KSN reported. If the suspension gets lifted later and you find yourself at a Pi Kappa Alpha party, remember not to drink from the wine tubes.