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Amy Atkins: "40-Year-Old Virgin" - 1 bag. It had potential, but went to shit.

Bingo Barnes: "Uncensored Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson" - 4 bags. For the entertainment that was the train wreck of Courtney Love

Sara Beitia: "Philadelphia Story" - 5 bags

Nicholas Collias: "A Mighty Wind" - two bags. Burning bags of dog-doo, that is.

Rachael Daigle: "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" - 1 1/2 bags

Blake Green: "Office Space" - 3 bags

Stan Jackson: "Forty Year Old Virgin" - 3 /2 bags

Nancy Spittle: Eddie Izzard's "Dress To Kill" - 4 bags

Jessi Strong: 4 bags, "Possessed with Joan Crawford" - 4 bags

Emina Musanovic: Nanny McPhee - 3 bags

Tyler Bush: Broken Flowers: 5 Bags, It's the Not so Feel good movie for Valentines.